Dubai Duty Free marked its 32nd anniversary with a special 25% discount on a wide range of merchandise over three days which began at midnight on 17th December and continued until midnight on the operation’s anniversary day on 20th December 2015. Total sales for the three days topped Dhs178.5 million (US$48.5 million).


The decision to extend the annual celebration beyond the one day was due to the high passenger traffic expected over the pre-Christmas holiday weekend.


The anniversary discount for 72 hours resulted in a spending spree at Dubai International and at Al Maktoum International with sales figures on 18th December reaching Dhs 39.05 million (US$10.61  million) and Dhs39.34 million (US$10.69 million) on 19th December.  On the anniversary day itself, 20th December, Dubai Duty Free daily sales reached   Dhs100.20 million (US$27.22 million) in the 24-hour period.